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We are Enterprise Cloud Consulting Limited (ECCL).

Your Trusted Advisor, Enabler and Implementer when it comes to actuating your cloud adoption and modernized technical strategy. With our combined expertise of technology leadership and hands-on delivery spanning over a decade, our experienced team of architects, engineers, delivery managers and support administrators are your one-stop solution to evolving your cloud experience.

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We combine hands-on and executive experience with proven strategies to assist cross functional teams in making sound business and strategic technology decisions.

Application Re-engineering

Go Serverless
Containerize Everything
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Data Transformation

Data Mesh Enablement
Data Fabric Enablement
Privacy & Compliance

Migration Services

Lift & Shift to Modern OS
Solve Compatibility Issues
Plan & Setup Disaster Recovery

Modern Workplace

Productivity Enablement
Transform Collaboration
Strategy Advisory


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Creating industry partnerships with organizations we are well aligned with based on past technical experiences and advisory support.


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